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Bridgeman Health Solutions is a leading edge sports chiropractic & recovery clinic, located in beautiful downtown Bellevue, WA.  Our goal is to help patient athletes get better faster!  As a 3rd generation chiropractor with over 20 years of experience, Dr. Bridgeman has developed a unique “hybrid” recovery approach that has been passed down from his family and has evolved into a method of recovery that elite athletes seek.  This recovery system includes spinal and extremity adjusting, specific soft tissue treatment and neurological rehabilitation.   Dr. Bridgmeman’s motto is “I don’t guess, I test” and has developed a complete muscle testing sequence and mobility assessment to check for balance of strength and mobility.  With these testing and recovery protocols our patients quickly return to sport and perform at their highest level.

Please visit @drbrandonbridgeman to view the library of recovery treatment videos

Three Components To Treatment

  • 1. THE JOINT
    The joints are designed for movement. The doctor will evaluate the joints to determine if they are moving properly. When injured, the joint can become hypomobile (not moving properly) or hypermobile (moving too much).
    1. If it is hypomobile the doctor will mobilize or adjust the joint to restore movement./
    2. If it is hypermobile then the doctor will instruct the athlete on how to stabilize the joint.
    When soft tissue injury occurs scar tissue will develop and lead to pain, altered movements, and tendonitis. Dr. Bridgeman has the ability to effectively isolate specific structures and treat them utilizing a hands-on approach that “breaks” up the scar tissue adhesions allowing for better circulation, increased range of motion, and decreased pain.
    The nervous system is the most often overlooked component of athletic injury. The brain needs to communicate with your body and when blockages of nerves occur at the spine or extremity joints it can lead to weakness, pain, and altered function. Dr. Bridgeman utilizes a pain-free adjusting instrument to assist in “stimulating” the nervous system to make the correction.

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Dr. B has been working with both of my boys (now 14 & 19) for a couple of years now and I cannot recommend him enough! He has helped both of my boys through major injuries and has gotten them back on the field in record time. He has a wonderful presence and both of my boys look up to him. He’s suggested great equipment and supplements and even other treatment options to help by boys stay healthy. He checks in on them and really cares. My family can’t say enough good things about him and would give him 10 stars if we could.

Wendy M.

Great medical provider. Dr. Bridgeman provides more comprehensive healing solutions than the typical chiropractor, treating the root causes of injuries as well as overall health and fitness. He has a keen sense of the individual functions of body, yet treats and rehabs the whole person as an interconnected system.

Sean M.

Dr. Brandon has been life changing with all the work he has done on me. He is very intelligent and happy to answer any question I have. I only regret not seeing him sooner. Thank you very much !

Rogelio H.

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